Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

4-Level Assessment for Learning

Measurement Starts Day One

Mandel believes effective measurement starts at the beginning, when we start the work of defining your business problems, future strategy, and training needs. 

You can't manage it if you can't measure it.

An effective measurement strategy should help you understand how the training is working—and what needs to be done to make it work better.

Measurement Won't Succeed By Smile Sheets Alone

We've developed metrics related to program design and the application of training to key business problems and initiatives.

Aligned to the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, Mandel offers four assessment levels in survey and interview formats.

Level One

Custom-tailored evaluations help clients: 

  • Assess participants’ satisfaction with the program.
  • Catalog how participants predict they’ll use what they’ve learned on the job.
  • Evaluate what participants think may prevent them from using their new skills.

The information collected enables us to work with you to immediately improve the program. It also helps determine what organizational support will be needed to ensure participants will be able to apply their new skills to achieve your identified business goals.

Level Two

Level Two Assessments help participants:

  • Review and reinforce what they ‘ve learned.
  • Better recall and apply the training on the job.

Mandel can also design Level Two Management Coaching Tools. Managers can help participants review and practice what they have learned and find new ways to successfully apply their skills on the job.

Level Three

Level Three Assessments help clients:

  • Identify best practice-use of the new skills on the job.
  • Share best practices, even among employees who did not participate in training.
  • Identify barriers to using the new skills on the job and determine how to remove these barriers to improve the impact of training on business outcomes. 
Level Four

Mandel collaborates with specialized measurement and analytics providers to deliver Level Four Assessments for Learning.

To learn more about Mandel's approach to measurement, contact us.