Artificial Intelligence-Driven Communication Coach

"Anywhere, Anytime" Performance Support & Training Reinforcement for Your Entire Organization

A Communication Coach In Every Pocket
The Orai App is a personal communications coach and reinforcement tool you can put in the palm of every employee's hand.

Orai combines the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) with Mandel's world-class content and expertise to allow anyone anywhere to evaluate their speaking skills anytime, get immediate feedback on how to improve those skills, and measure improvement over time.


Key Features 
  • * Guided lessons
  • * Bite-sized practice exercises
  • * Instant feedback using artificial intelligence
  • * Progress tracking and measurable results
  • * Filler words you can customize
  • * Freestyle practice or structured scripts
  • * Integration with all Mandel Training 

Benefits of Orai 

For Companies
  • Deliver personal communications coaching to your entire organization 
  • Roll out "anywhere, anytime" performance support
  • Improve relevancy by uploading custom scenarios & content 
  • Improve engagement with fun & practical microlearning
  • Track your talent's skill improvement over time
  • Multiply and extend your training investment
  • Improve team communication by sharing recordings & results 
  • Gamify reinforcement and promote healthy competition 

For Individuals
  • Break bad communication habits and build better ones
  • Reinforce skills learned "in the classroom"
  • Access short-burst microlearning exercises anytime
  • Focus on key improvement areas (e.g., clarity, pace, clutter words, energy)
  • Prep for new high-stakes presentations or refine existing ones
  • Access always-on speech coach right from your mobile device

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Customize the Orai Experience

Your organization can upload custom scenarios and content onto the Orai Platform to bring learning to life and to create fun, engaging, and hyper-relevant experiences for your employees.

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