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Instant Digital Transformation. Are Your Employees Ready?

Organizations have been in varying stages of digital transformation for years.

The Coronavirus radically accelerated digital plans. An Institute for Corporate Productivity, (i4cp) study found that after the outbreak, companies with over half their employees working remotely surged from 8% to 73%.1

Respondents to the same study ranked lack of experience with virtual meeting technology and lack of training as their top challenges.

Master the Virtual Meetingaddresses these challenges head-on by arming learners
with four essential virtual meeting skills:

1. PLAN a meeting that matters to invitees
2. ENGAGE with impactful presence
3. MOTIVATE participants to contribute
4. ENRICH the virtual experience
The Skills
  • 1. Plan a meeting that matters to invitees
    • Virtual vs. face-to-face dynamics
    • Invitee needs and expectations
    • Compelling invitations, openings, intros
  • 2. Engage with impactful presence
    • Eliminate attendee multi-tasking
    • Overcome virtual void anxiety
    • Micro-behaviors that influence what invitees understand and care about
  • 3. Motivate participants to contribute
    • Which questions are best? When?
    • Recognize ideas and interests
    • Gain commitment and share outcomes
  • 4. Enrich the virtual experience
    • Technical video and platform tips
    • Tips to get your technology to pay-off
    • Tactful ways to add value in meetings owned by others
The Feedback
“Other training companies just flipped classroom solution to virtual delivery. Mandel designed the virtual learning experience to get the best results.”
The Details
  • 2.5-hour virtual session for up to 24
  • Built-in breaks to retain attention
  • Stakeholder viewpoint sets the stage
  • Real-world, job-specific applications
  • Engaging, interactive skills practice
  • Flexible design aligns to business priorities
Reinforcement & Measurement
  • Two months’ free access to AI-drivenmobile app measures improvement
  • Easy-to-use tools deliver immediateapplication and make training stick
  • Insightful evaluation reporting providesimmediate, relevant feedback
World-class training with proven results
Mandel Communications has been a global leader in virtual instructor-led training design and delivery for over 10 years.
Harness the power of virtual communication to drive immediate, measurable business results:
  • Foster consistency in meeting expectations
  • Overcome video conference anxiety
  • Collaborate to win in a new world of work
  • Drive better business decisions faster
  • Enhance sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Promote innovation across virtual teams
  • Connect more deeply with clients
  • Resolve problems with fewer meetings
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About Mandel
Mandel is the global communication skills training company for organizations that believe in unleashing the power and potential of their employees. As proven experts in the science of communication in a complex world, we help companies around the world discover new ways to help their people think and speak more effectively, and make every communication count.
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