Beth Boone

Beth Boone is Director of Global Accounts with Mandel Communications. She is dedicated to creatively helping individuals, teams, and even entire global organizations realize the impact of better communication on performance. Prior to joining Mandel, Beth held senior level positions in sales and sales management where she experienced first-hand how positive behavior change can increase productivity and morale. Beth has a special interest in helping women make a difference within their companies—and in the wider world—by advancing their communication and leadership skills. In addition to her client work, Beth holds volunteerism as a core value. She has an innate curiosity and love for learning new things. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fresno State University.

Recent Posts
September 14, 2017
Companies perform better financially when women are well represented in the workforce, in management, and on corporate boards. The problem is when a woman speaks, she can feel like she’s walking a tightrope. Many women report feeling like they’re either not heard at all at work or are judged as too aggressive when they speak. The research backs this up. As a result, women may decide that saying less is more. But this hurts them and their organizations. So what can your business do to tackle this problem head-on and build a stronger pipeline of women leaders? Read the blog to find out.