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How to Interact With Executive Presence to Gain Buy-in

The Business Challenge: Gain Buy-in and Keep ItDo your company's struggles reflect a lack of influential conversation skills? 

The inability to gain and sustain buy-in kills progress.

Profitability nosedives when people can't interact in ways that convince colleagues and customers to commit their time and money to new ideas, projects, and products.

Think of the sales problems that plague organizations.
  • Long buying cycles
  • Missed quotas
  • Small deal sizes
  • Lost deals
Poor methodology isn't to blame—poor conversation skills are.
Consider the struggle to innovate.
  • Long R&D cycles
  • Lack of budget
  • Abandoned ideas or projects
The development of great ideas grinds to a halt if employees can’t get others to buy into those ideas or commit resources to them.

And those vexing performance problems?
They're not typically due to defiance or incompetence—they persist when managers fail to win an employee's buy-in on the problem (or solution to it).

Build Influential Conversation SkillsYour company’s ability to achieve its most critical goals depends on the ability of your people to influence others. That’s why it’s critical to build influential conversation skills.

Enroll them in Mandel's influential conversations training workshop: The Influential Conversation™

Participants in this workshop develop the interaction, influence, and conversation skills to rapidly gain and sustain the buy-in of even the most skeptical stakeholders, sales prospects, and clients. 

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Think and Speak for Results™ Training SeriesThe Influential Conversation™ is part of Mandel Communications Think and Speak for Results™ Series, three programs that build the essential presentation, influence, and collaboration skills needed to thrive in business today. Based on 25-plus years of research and extensive implementation at Global 1000 corporations, these programs don’t just develop communication skills—they build the critical thinking skills today’s employees need to communicate with maximum impact. 

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