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Diane Burgess-Faber

SVP, Chief Learning & Design Strategist

Diane is a Principal at Mandel where she leads Mandel’s technology-driven Learning Design and Client Experience Teams.

Diane and Mandel's Learning Design team have been on the forefront of Mandel’s AI-driven mobile and semi-synchronous online strategies, which blend with, reinforce, and complement Mandel’s award-winning live training solutions.

She and her team are guided by four fundamental beliefs:

  • The learner experience comes first.
  • In addition to enriching knowledge, we strive for behavior change in ALL we do.
  • Learning should be practical and seamlessly connected to “real work.” 
  • Social and collaborative features must be fully integrated into the learning experience.

Diane and Mandel's Learning Design team assess, consult with, and support hundreds of clients based in the U.S. and throughout the world to design training that delivers business results. The Client Experience Team then takes over to deliver that training in whatever way best supports the learner and drives lasting behavior change, never taking their eye off the user experience (UX) from start to finish.

Before joining Mandel, Diane spent 17 years with Zenger-Miller and then with AchieveGlobal. Diane served as the Executive Director, Global Sales and Operations, and built worldwide networks of highly capable affiliate partnerships, while crafting products and services that were locally and culturally relevant.

When she isn’t working, you’ll find Diane in her camper, with her family, exploring new ground and in search of new adventures.

Recent Posts
June 28
Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand—it's the way others see you. And it's critical to your ability to be a successful leader. Too often, though, people don't know how others really see them. Do you? Find out what the four elements of a personal brand are and try a simple exercise to help you uncover, take control of, and strengthen your personal brand in and outside of work.
June 07

What’s the secret to wildly productive first-time sales meetings or conversations with executives? Thought-provoking questions. Read the blog to find out why—and how to tell if YOUR questions are thought-provoking enough to make customers want to learn more.

March 15
A well-crafted story gives power to your ideas and recommendations like nothing else can. If there's one type of story every salesperson should have in their toolbox, it's the "What if" story. Read the blog to learn what a what if story is, how to tell one, and why it's so effective at connecting with customers and getting them to a decision faster.
January 18

In 2016, training expenditures in the US exceeded $70.6 billion, yet experts say that 90% of new skills are lost within a year if not reinforced. That means organizations without solid training reinforcement programs run the risk of wasting a collective $63.54 billion a year. That's precisely why artificial intelligence (AI) is so exciting—and why Mandel is even more excited to be a part of it. AI is revolutionizing reinforcement, making it possible to confidently generate a healthy return on your communication training investment. Read on to learn how.

November 22

Gratitude. Appreciation. Recognition. It makes you feel good. This week in the US, many will pause for a day or two to give thanks and show appreciation for the things and people we care about most. It’s no secret how appreciation benefits the person getting it—but did you know it benefits the person giving it just as much? Discover why recognition is such a powerful tool for improving relationships and wellbeing in life and at work. Learn how to (and how NOT to) express your appreciation to others.

February 04
I’m always excited and inspired after returning from events like ATD’s TechKnowledge… after this year’s conference, I was told a story by one of our Mandel trainers about a session she led in Paris with a group of millennials, and I’m reminded… it’s all about balance.
December 03
I had the pleasure of having Thanksgiving dinner with Steve Faber, the writer of two highly regarded films, Wedding Crashers and We’re the Millers, along with a number of other popular screen and literary works. Over turkey and stuffing, we talked about the SECRET to GREAT storytelling. Today, I'm sharing it with you.
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