Why Mandel


Powerful Communication Tool & Storytelling Framework

You Struggle to Find The Right Words
Selecting exactly the right content and visuals for any type of communication and giving them an engaging and convincing flow doesn’t come naturally to most people. 

Stop Wasting Energy, Time, and Money Doing It
Instead of crafting a great "story" and telling it well, people cling to the false hope that long and packed slide decks or huge amounts of data will do the work for them.

Or, they spend a huge amount of time preparing for a conversation or presentation, only to have it fall flat.

Imagine the time and money your business could save if you had a disciplined, step-by-step, repeatable formula for crafting convincing communications every time?

An Easy-to-Use Framework That Eases Your Pain

The Mandel BLUEPRINT® takes the guesswork and time out of crafting compelling stories that speak directly to what your listeners care about.

Our BLUEPRINT method is an easy-to-use framework for rapidly building communications that are clear, interesting, and persuasive.

The Mandel Blueprint


Using the BLUEPRINT, professionals can effortlessly organize their thinking and subject matter into a powerful and engaging “audience-centric” story.

  • Repeatable step-by-step process works for any type of communication or context (e.g., marketing and sales messages, emails, one-on-one conversations, large group presentations)
  • Story flow maximizes listener comprehension, interest and buy-in
  • Requires a small investment of time
  • Research-proven and field-tested


Benefits of The Mandel BLUEPRINT

The BLUEPRINT method can help you focus more of your limited time and energy on coming up with good ideas, instead of struggling with how to communicate them.

  • Develop clear, concise, and compelling communications no matter how complicated, technical or sensitive the subject matter may be
  • Create highly relevant, listener-centric content in less time
  • Connect and more readily build rapport with engaged listeners
  • Build credibility for you and for your message
  • Move people more readily to take the desired action

Discover Why Clients Rave About It
The Mandel BLUEPRINT is a proven, quick-to-learn method for crafting content, conversations, and presentations that stick.

Our clients tell us again and again how they continually benefit from the BLUEPRINT method, calling it one of the most useful and valuable tools in their communications toolbox.

Are You Ready?
Quickly train your organization to use the Mandel BLUEPRINT.

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