Powerful Storytelling & Communication Tool


Struggling to Find The Right Words?

Selecting exactly the right content and visuals for any type of communication and giving them an engaging and convincing flow doesn’t come naturally to most people. 

That's why we've developed powerful storytelling frameworks and messaging tools to simplify and speed up the creation of narrative-driven messages that make an impact.

Easy-to-Use Framework Simplifies Storytelling
The Mandel BLUEPRINT® takes the guesswork and time out of crafting compelling stories that speak directly to what your listeners care about.

The Mandel Blueprint


Use the BLUEPRINT to effortlessly organize your thinking and content into a powerful “audience-centric” story.

  • Story flow increases understanding, interest, and buy-in
  • Framework saves time and focuses your message
  • Field-tested formula works in any situation, whether presenting from the big stage or meeting 1:1 with a customer

Benefits of The BLUEPRINT

  • Create and deliver clear, concise, and compelling presentations no matter how complicated, technical, or sensitive the subject matter 
  • Craft relevant, listener-centric content in less time
  • Emotionally connect and readily build rapport with listeners
  • Build credibility for you and for your message
  • Motivate people to take action

Why Clients Rave About It
Clients rave about the BLUEPRINT Storytelling Framework, calling it one of the most useful and valuable tools in their communications toolbox.

Are You Ready?
Quickly train your organization to use the Mandel BLUEPRINT.



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