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The Influential Conversation™
Gain Buy-in of Skeptical Stakeholders and Distracted Customers
About This Program
Participants in this workshop develop the interaction, influence & conversation skills to rapidly build trust and gain the buy-in of even the most skeptical stakeholders and decision-shy customers.
    • Understand what motivates
    • Focus the conversation
    • Ask the right questions
    • Summarize for agreement
    • Uncover and remove obstacles
  • Format
    Face to Face
    Virtual Instructor-Led
    Max 12 Participants

    1-Day Workshop
    2-Day Workshop
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Why This Program
When people can't convince colleagues and customers to commit their time and money to new ideas, projects or products, progress stops. Ideas don't get off the ground, deals don't close, and projects run out of steam.

The most influential professionals are able to quickly build rapport and trust in all of their one-on-one conversations with colleagues and customers. Skilled in active listening, they know how to strategically ask thought-provoking questions and link their recommendations back to the things listeners care about most. This helps them build consensus and gain agreement faster.
Learn To
  • Clarify the goal of your conversation using critical thinking frameworks
  • Ask thought-provoking questions to align with the other party
  • Build rapport & avoid “rapport breakers”
  • Connect your idea or solution to the other party's concerns
  • Find opportunities in tough questions
  • Handle objections without defensiveness
  • Maintain the momentum of ideas, projects, products and relationships
  • Identify next steps and future actions
Business Benefits
  • Close deals faster
  • Expand deal size
  • Increase customer retention
  • Enhance partner relationships
  • Increase innovation
  • Secure investments more readily
  • Improve team performance
Mandel Tools
  • Force-Field Analysis™
  • Listener’s Mindset Continuum™
  • Mindset Actions
  • SCIPAB® Messaging Tool
  • High-Value Business Conversation Cycle™
  • Composure & Energy Principles
  • Rapport Makers & Rapport Breakers
  • Thought-Provoking Questions
  • Prepare-Align-Respond-Maintain™ Tough Questions Method
Instructional Approach
  • Pre-work and Interviews
  • Immersive Learn-By-Doing Training
  • Highly Interactive Simulations
  • Team Exercises
  • Structured Peer-To-Peer Coaching
  • Video Recorded Practice Sessions
  • Expert Feedback From Master Coach
  • Post-Workshop Reinforcement
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About Mandel
Mandel is the global communication skills training company for organizations that believe in unleashing the power and potential of their employees. As proven experts in the science of communication in a complex world, we help companies around the world discover new ways to help their people think and speak more effectively, and make every communication count.
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