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High-Stakes Sales Event Virtual Training
How to Drive Great Engagement and Critical Skill Development at Your Next High-Stakes Virtual Event

If you’re launching a Virtual Sales Kick-Off, Sales Bootcamp, or Sales User Conference, learn how Mandel partners with hyper-growth and Fortune 1000 companies to create virtual training experiences that ready global sales teams to sell in the virtual world.

Delivered as Live Virtual experiences or in Digital Environments, Mandel’s training solutions are designed to fully integrate into comprehensive global sales readiness and sales enablement implementations.

Let Mandel help you create a highly effective and interactive virtual training experience that will transform the communication skills of your global sales teams, and keep your virtual teams energized and engaged.

To learn how Mandel is delivering essential communication skills training and individualized coaching to audiences of 1000s of sales professionals with multiple delivery options, including “Virtual Instructor-Led Training” and “Online Experiences”, let’s talk.

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What customers say
"Partnering with Mandel, we were able to rapidly ready customer-facing team members to convey their messaging more consistently and effectively, across geographies."
— Director, Sales Enablement, Fortune 500 Tech Company
If you’re launching Virtual Sales Readiness and Sales Enablement initiatives in 2021, let’s talk!
  • Learn how we’re partnering with both Hyper-Growth and Fortune 500 Clients to ready their global sales teams to sell in a virtual world.
  • Gain visibility into how we’re delivering scalable sales training experiences to audiences of 1000s in global implementations.
  • Discover how to rapidly roll-out virtual launches with training content designed for both new hires and existing sales team members, to get your virtual sales representatives productive faster.
More client feedback:

“Our Sales Reps have told us this is the best onboarding experience they’ve had at any company. I think a lot of credit goes to the Mandel team and having a solution to help differentiate us from our competitors.”

“We needed a solution that would be able to scale to the organization rapidly, and that’s what Mandel provided: the ability to set up content for learners in different geographies and get them trained and ready – fast.”

“Rapidly rolling-out product launches with targeted content for both new hires and on-going content for existing sales team.”

“This training experience drive sales team engagement and collaboration.”

“Successful launch of our sales plays was a key success factor to helping us drive revenue and help us outduel our competition.  Mandel got us there.”

Develop talent anywhere, anytime
Would you like to learn more about this immensely scalable approach to improving business results by building powerful presentation, influence, and collaboration skills?
Benefits of High-Stakes Sales Event Virtual Training
  • Rapidly ready virtual sales teams to convey their messaging consistently and effectively, across geographies

  • Effectively develop new hires to get virtual sales representatives productive faster, while driving sales team engagement and collaboration

  • Ensure consistent adoption of mission critical content and essential skills development across your global teams

  • Seamlessly scale global sales initiatives by simultaneously delivering quality training to any size sales team

  • Efficiently roll-out product launches and kick-offs with training content designed for both new hires and existing sales team members

  • Create real human connections with customers, partners, and internal teams
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About Mandel
Mandel is the global communication skills training company for organizations that believe in unleashing the power and potential of their employees. As proven experts in the science of communication in a complex world, we help companies around the world discover new ways to help their people think and speak more effectively, and make every communication count.
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