Influential Sales Conversations Workshop

Build Trust and Influence ​Faster Decisions

The Approach

Do customers trust that you get it? That you’ve got their best interests at heart? To build that level of trust, you have to engage customers in conversations that strike just the right balance between inquiry and advocacy.In this workshop, learn to:

  • Talk about your solutions in a customer-centric way
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that result in a deeper understanding of your customer’s situation
  • Build rapport and show empathy for the customer’s situation
  • Overcome objections without defensiveness
  • Maintain sales momentum
  • Identify next steps to positively influence the relationship

What’s Special About Working With Mandel?

Why This Workshop?


Customized For You Fortune 500 Tested Proven Results
Research and pre-work help to customize it and make it relevant and immediately effective for your company 250,000-plus professionals from 1000+ companies in 75+ countries have built better communication skills with our workshops Mandel training gets a high learner satisfaction score of 4.84 out of 5.00 and 96% of training is used on the job within the first 6 months


Results You Can Expect


Business Benefits Participant Benefits
  • Boost revenue
  • Accelerate the sales cycle
  • Avoid losing deals to “no decision”
  • Reduce misunderstandings and cancellations
  • Build a strong reputation for competent, caring, and trusted sales professionals
  • Organize thoughts using proven “storytelling” framework
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Build rapport & avoid “rapport breakers”
  • Link solutions to customer concerns
  • Easily handle objections
  • Find opportunities in tough questions
  • Maintain sales momentum
  • Identify future actions to strengthen the relationship

Workshop Details

Training Approach Tools & Materials
  • Pre-work and Interviews
  • Immersive Learn-By-Doing Training
  • Team Exercises
  • Structured Peer-To-Peer Coaching
  • Video Recorded Practice Sessions
  • Expert Feedback From Master Coach
  • Post-Workshop Reinforcement Tools & Practice
  • Force-Field Analysis™
  • Listener’s Mindset Continuum™
  • Mindset Actions
  • SCI-PAB® Personal Communications Framework
  • High-Value Business Conversation Cycle™
  • Composure & Energy Principles
  • Rapport Makers & Rapport Breakers
  • Thought-Provoking Questions
  • Prepare-Align-Respond-Maintain™ Tough Questions Method


Who Should Attend?
This benefits anyone who interacts with customers in ways other than giving stand-up presentations.

  • VP, Sales
  • Director, Sales
  • Sales Managers
  • Pre-Sales Professionals
  • Outside Salespeople/Wholesalers
  • Inside Salespeople
  • Early-in-career sales professionals
  • Customer service representatives
  • Anyone who sells consultatively