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The Surefire, Six-Step Method for Starting Any Conversation or Presentation

What Is SCIPAB [sigh-pab]?
SCIPAB (SITUATION-COMPLICATION-IMPLICATION-POSITION-ACTION-BENEFIT®) is Mandel's elegantly simple, six-step method for starting important conversations and presentations.

SCIPAB is designed to help professionals improve the impact of their presentations and achieve better, quicker results even in the short conversations, voicemails, and emails that happen every day.

The Six StepsSCIPAB helps you link ideas, information and data together in a sequence that grabs your listener's attention and more deeply connects with your listener's interests and needs.

State what you know about your listeners' circumstances that is relevant to your discussion or presentation, e.g., current state of their business, technology, industry, or plans. 

Identify the critical issues (changes, pressures, demands, etc.) that are impacting the Situation and creating problems, challenges, or opportunities. 

Show the personal or business consequences of failing to act on the problems or opportunities described in the Complication. 

State clearly and confidently your opinion about what needs to be done to solve your listeners' problem. 

Help listeners understand the role you want them to play, or the questions you'd like them to consider, during your presentation or conversation. 

Describe how your recommended Position and Action will address listeners' specific needs. State the results clearly and quantifiably. 

Use as Stand-alone Tool or as Part of The Mandel BLUEPRINT®
SCIPAB helps communicators figure out not only what to say at the outset of a conversation or presentation, but also in what order to say it.

Because of this benefit, SCIPAB is an integral component of Mandel's larger personal communications framework, the Mandel BLUEPRINT.  

Still, thousands of our clients tell us that they use SCIPAB on a standalone basis, because they find it to be such a quick and easy-to-remember tool for creating high-impact messages.

Discover the Power of SCIPAB For Yourself
If you or an employee would like to learn how to use SCIPAB, register for one of Mandel's Public Workshops. Workshops take place in locations around the country.

Train Your Entire Organization or Team in the SCIPAB Method
SCIPAB is a foundational tool taught in many of our most popular training programs. 

Contact us to see whether Become a Breakthrough Communicator™, Create Clear and Compelling Messages™ or Think and Speak for Results™ would be a good fit for your organization.

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