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The SCIPAB® Thinking & Messaging Tool

The Storytelling Framework for Creating High-Impact Conversations and Presentations


SCIPAB is a profoundly successful thinking and messaging tool in business.
With amazingly little time required, this thinking tool helps business communicators to:

  • THINK efficiently and insightfully about the content they want to communicate, from the perspective of their listeners’ unique interests, needs, wants and priorities
  • Use critical thinking to select the most meaningful ("the critical few") listener-centric elements of their possible content to keep their listeners engaged and open
  • Structure the communicators’ content (information, ideas, and data) into the most efficient, logical, and comprehensible flow for their listeners’ style and setting
  • Organize their content flow into story form
  • Move their listeners to the desired outcome

This profound thinking methodology has been developed, refined and proven by Mandel over a 20-year period of research, with vast numbers of successful applications by business communicators at all organizational levels.


Mandel’s SCIPAB has tens of thousands of raving fans worldwide.

These fans range from CEOs to operations supervisors. . . from new college hires to 30-year employees. . . from sales professionals to IT professionals. . . from high tech systems engineers to copywriters. . . from financial experts to graphics designers. . . from corporate attorneys to double Ph.D.s in R&D. . . from M&A experts to marketing pros. . . .

This is an era in business—more than any other—in which the brains of everyone in the enterprise are vitally needed, and those brains need to be swiftly and effectively applied and shared in top form.

SCIPAB is the proven tool to help build the extremely costly asset of your organization’s brainpower into an efficient, focused, and engaged powerhouse.


  • Improve communications up, down, and across the organization
  • Increase the speed and quality of decision-making
  • Speed sales and increase deal size
  • Accelerate innovation and digitization
  • Energize and sustain organizational change and transformation

SCIPAB® Pocket Prompt

6-Steps to Successfully Starting Any Conversation or Presentation

SCIPAB's magic lies in its ability to help you quickly link ideas and data in a sequence that immediately grabs your listener's attention and resonates with their interests. Use it for successfully starting any conversation.


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