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SCIPAB®: How to Start a Presentation

Six-Step Conversation and Presentation Starter

Think Faster & More Clearly
SCIPAB (SITUATION-COMPLICATION-IMPLICATION-POSITION-ACTION-BENEFIT®) is Mandel's elegantly simple, six-step method for starting important conversations and presenting your ideas.

The genius of SCIPAB [sigh-pab] is that it helps to solve one of the biggest challenges faced by busy and distracted professionals today: How to think faster and how to think more clearly.

It Starts With the Quality of Your Thinking
The success or failure of an idea starts with the quality of your thinking.

SCIPAB is designed to help you fully—yet quickly—think through your idea or message and then compose it in a way that others can easily understand it and act on it.

Fundamentally, SCIPAB improves the impact of your presentation and helps you achieve better, faster results even in the short conversations, voicemails, and emails that happen every day.

Repeatable. Reliable. Proven.SCIPAB helps you link ideas, information, and data together in a sequence that immediately grabs your listener's attention and deeply connects with their interests and needs.

State what you know about your listener's circumstances that's relevant to your discussion or presentation, e.g., current state of their business, technology, industry, or plans. 

Identify the critical issues (changes, pressures, demands, etc.) that are impacting the Situation and creating problems, challenges, or opportunities. 

Show the personal or business consequences of failing to act on the problems or opportunities described in the Complication. 

State clearly and confidently your opinion about what needs to be done to solve your listeners' problem. 

Help listeners understand the role you want them to play, or the questions you'd like them to consider, during your presentation or conversation. 

Describe how your recommended Position and Action will address listeners' specific needs. State the results clearly and quantifiably. 

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Quick and Easy-to-Remember Messaging Structure 
SCIPAB helps you figure out not just what to say—but also in what order to say it.

SCIPAB is an integral component of Mandel's larger personal communications framework, the Mandel BLUEPRINT. But thousands of our clients use SCIPAB on a standalone basis. Why?

Because it's a reliable, repeatable, and easy-to-remember tool for communicating with impact.


How Can Your Organization Use SCIPAB? 

Fortune 1000 clients have implemented SCIPAB across their organizations to:

  • Accelerate innovation.
  • Improve the speed and quality of decision-making.
  • Increase collaboration among and between teams and divisions.

Use this powerful tool to boost performance and productivity within your organization.

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