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Moment of Truth Presentation Skills

About This Program

When it comes to making a successful presentation, which is more important: what you say or how you say it? To win consistently, you must be masterful at both.

In this workshop, gain the Moment of Truth Readiness® skills you need, so that your listeners will:

  1. Understand your message.
  2. See the value in what you're saying.
  3. Trust you.

Face-to-Face with Instructor Max Participants: 12
2 Days

Why This Program

Regularly, business deals are lost, recommendations bypassed, and game-changing ideas ignored, because the presenter couldn't communicate in a concise and compelling way. Poor presentation skills should never be an obstacle to your success. 

Learn To
  • Set goals for your presentation
  • Understand and anticipate audience needs 
  • Organize content into a clear, audience-centric flow
  • Link content to audience care-abouts
  • Create a listener-focused opening to your presentation
  • Use color spots to enhance retention of your message
  • Master a balanced posture to increase confidence
  • Pause to gather thoughts and make a point
  • Use eye contact to connect and build trust
  • Move with purpose to engage listeners
  • Use gestures for emphasis
  • Create interest using vocal and facial animation
  • Use visuals to enhance engagement
  • Encourage audience interaction
  • Handle tough questions
  • Adapt face-to-face skills to virtual communications
  • Close with a strong call to action

Build your communications moment of truth readiness. Gain the ability to: 
  • Strengthen what you say 
  • Improve how you say it 
  • Motivate your audience to listen
  • Move people to your desired action
  • Increase the sharing of ideas across the organization
  • Create greater understanding among business units

Mandel Tools
  • Presentation Planner: A tool to help you gather info about your audience and what's important to them
  • Mandel BLUEPRINT®: A framework for structuring your opening, main points, and closing
  • ARM™ (Align, Respond, Maintain): A model for handling tough questions and objections
  • Self-Coaching Worksheet: A checklist for tracking feedback − your own and others' − on your skill development
  • Virtual Presentation Skills Tips: Best practices for presenting in a virtual environment
Instructional Approach
  • Based on learn-by-doing activities that produce skills that stick.
  • Designed to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Linked to your organization’s current business issues, initiatives, and goals
  • Focused on real world performance improvement and on-the-job application
  • Enlivened by built-in practice sessions
  • Supported by expert, individualized, in-the-moment coaching
  • Enriched by immediate videotaped feedback

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