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How to Give Presentations That Drive Better Decisions...Faster!

The Business Challenge: Better Decisions...Faster!
The key to business success lies in making great decisions.

Decisions that turn ideas into profitable products, processes, and relationships. 

Effective presentation skills may be the most important driver of decision speed and quality.

If employees can't present ideas with impact, decision-making suffers.

  • Innovation slows 
  • Costs rise 
  • Sales slump 
  • Motivation and morale sink

When employees present in extraordinary ways, decision-making improves.

  • Projects launch with momentum and excitement 
  • Sales close faster 
  • Performance accelerates 
Extraordinary presenters stand out because they THINK well.

When your thinking is rock solid, you SPEAK well. And when you speak well, you do well.

Build Extraordinary Presentation Skills
Ensure employees have the presentation skills needed to help, not hurt, decision-making.

Enroll them in Mandel's presentation skills training workshop: The Extraordinary Presenter™

Participants in this hands-on workshop learn how to present logically strong, contextually relevant, emotionally appealing, easily understood ideas that go right to the heads, hearts, needs, and aspirations of their listeners. 

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Think and Speak for Results™ Training SeriesThe Extraordinary Presenter™ is part of Mandel Communications Think and Speak for Results™ Series, three programs that build the essential presentation, influence, and collaboration skills needed to thrive in business today. Based on 25-plus years of research and extensive implementation at Global 1000 corporations, these programs don’t just develop communication skills—they build the critical thinking skills today’s employees need to communicate with maximum impact. 

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