The Extraordinary Presenter™

Public Speaking Skills Training

About This Program
Develop the thinking and speaking skills to create and present logically strong, contextually relevant, emotionally appealing, highly comprehensible ideas that stand out and speak right to the head, heart, needs, and aspirations of your listeners. 

Build these skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Articulate messaging 
  • Authentic engagement
  • Meaningful interaction 
  • Memorable visual storytelling
  • Confident delivery with executive presence
And experience a dramatic improvement in your clarity, credibility, and personal impact—whether you're presenting face-to-face or virtually and in front of audiences big or small.

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Instructor-led Virtual and Face-to-Face Options
1/2-day, 1-day, 2-day Options

Why This Program
The key to business success lies in making great decisions. Decisions that turn your best ideas into profitable products, processes, and relationships.

When you can't present your ideas with credibility and impact, decision-making suffers.

Presentations that lack clarity and purpose are paralyzing. Instead of helping decision making, they hurt it. Listeners end up confused and unsure of how to move forward.

Extraordinary presentations improve decision time and decision quality, enhancing your ability to achieve your most important sales, innovation, and performance goals.

Learn To

Think critically about the topic you're planning to present—specifically, its relevance and importance to your audience.

Organize your content using a proven storyboard framework and deliver it in a clear, engaging and convincing fashion. 

Apply and practice these vital face-to-face and virtual presentation skills:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Content organization
  • Use of visuals
  • Q&A interaction
  • Maintaining executive presence when receiving push-back or difficult questions  

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  • Grab and hold attention in the face of distraction and disengagement
  • Make your message memorable and compelling
  • Enhance your credibility 
  • Build trust 
  • Drive better decisions...faster!

Mandel Tools
  • Presentation Planner: A tool to help you gather info about your audience and what's important to them
  • Mandel BLUEPRINT®: A framework for structuring your opening, main points, and closing
  • ARM™ (Align, Respond, Maintain): A model for handling tough questions and objections
  • Self-Coaching Worksheet: A checklist for tracking feedback − your own and others' − on your skill development
  • Virtual Presentation Skills Tips: Best practices for presenting in a virtual environment

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Instructional Approach
  • Learn-by-doing application
  • Multi-skill integrated learning
  • Video recorded exercises
  • Highly interactive simulations
  • Structured individual coaching