Lead Without Authority™

Engaging and Motivating Team Performance

About This Program

Whether you are new in your career or a seasoned professional, you'll learn to lead, influence, and keep team members engaged and accountable—even when you lack formal authority over them.

Identify and use your distinct leadership brand to create a shared team vision and culture that strengthens performance and drives greater productivity.

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Face-to-Face with Instructor; Max 24 Participants
1-Day, 2-Day Options

Why This Program

Disagreements and disengaged team members dramatically increase your chances of missing deadlines or failing to meet productivity and profitability goals.

These negative outcomes grow more likely when you have to collaborate with colleagues who have busy schedules, conflicting priorities, and no formal accountability to the project—or to you.

That's why mastering the ability to lead without authority is critical to executing effectively on your company's most important initiatives, strategies, and projects.

Learn To

Using the real-life team challenge or goal of their choice, participants first learn how to think critically about the situation—its importance to the organization and individual team members. 

Participants then learn, apply, and practice five critical collaboration and teaming skills: 

  • Leverage the power of your personal brand to recruit and retain team members 
  • Promote a shared vision that drives team alignment on strategic goals and values 
  • Understand and use the strengths of each team member 
  • Keep resources accountable and committed through effective discussions 
  • Recognize individual and team results to build trust and empower performance

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  • Build and lead stronger, more successful project teams and collaborations
  • Create a culture of engagement and purpose where "Everyone is a Leader"
  • Identify and resolve problems faster 
  • Empower and inspire increased performance
  • Achieve—or exceed—project goals 

Mandel Tools
  • Video-recorded, Coached Exercises
  • Structured Peer-to-Peer Coaching guided by a Mandel facilitator
  • Mandel Storyboard®: A framework to help maximize the impact of your vision story by identifying and organizing its key elements in ways that build support for your solution
  • Recognition Guidelines 
  • Coaching Checklist
  • On-the-job Resources and Reinforcement Tools
Instructional Approach
  • Learn-by-doing application
  • Multi-skill integrated learning
  • Video recorded exercises
  • Highly interactive simulations
  • Structured individual coaching