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Allison O'Brien

Allison O’Brien affiliation with Mandel began in 2020 as part of our Listening Practice launch.  She is the Founder of Peak Impact Consulting Services, a leadership development consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. Her genuine interest in people and what makes them tick, has paved the way for a career helping individuals and companies transform the way they do business through the standpoint of culture, communication and most importantly, listening.  

Her broad scope of work includes executive coaching and leadership development, with a special niche in training new to mid-level managers to gain the communication skills necessary to become trusted and effective leaders. You can reach Allison by emailing

Recent Posts
March 04

Under normal circumstances, staying present and being able to fully commit to listening is difficult. However, in this new reality of digital interaction and mental fatigue, listening has a new set of challenges.

There’s good news.  We can make listening easier in our virtual meetings, improving the experience of our participants!  Here are a few tips.
January 21

Sales professionals need a mix of soft skills to be successful. While rapport building is often considered the top sales skill, listening is the most critical skill for closing sales, and building long-term client relationships.

Learn 3 crucial tips to closing sales, and why listening is the top sales skill of 2021.

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